May is almost too good to be true!

My mother had died, and it was my first estate sell. I didn’t know what the real estate laws were as well as what I could & couldn’t do with the condo. I tried to keep it but at a fair price. The lender and the FHA would not allow it. Even after I spent my own money to remodel it. May saw what I  went through, my emotional state, and went out of her way to ensure I knew all there was about the property, including finding real estate documents with my name on it, that I knew nothing about. Knowing I had lost my mother, she took on as much of the legalities regarding the property as she could, and kept me informed daily on the progress thereof. She even handled a flooding situation with the hoa on my behalf to ensure the well being of the property. Getting the condo sold in 1- 2 months! I know how it sounds too good to be true to have an agent like this, but she seriously cared that much for my well being as a result of the horrific situation. If you are looking to be assisted through and through truthfully, and done more than right, but to the best ability…. then May is the one you need!